Flower Planting 2012

WAPHA Street Beautification Committee would like to Thank all the volunteers who came! This planting day would never happen without the hard work of our volunteers.

Also a BIG THANK YOU to our Community Partners: PS9Community Board 8 Environment Committee, Prospect Heights Community FarmBrooklyn Botanic GardenProspect Heights Street Tree Task Force for helping us put plants in our TREE GUARDS on Washington, Classon & Underhill. Thanks Natty Garden for the good DIRT!

Keep up the GREAT works! Let’s Beautify Washington Ave!



A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS! from left: Anneka, Denise, Dionne, Murina, Carla, Gemma, John, Michelle, JeanieRose, Amy, Marissa, Ben and Virginia!(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

The first tree pits planting in action! Thanks to Virginia (Prospect Heights Community Farm/ Brooklyn Botanic Garden) for the demonstration now all of our thumbs got much greener.(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

Left Photo: Virginia (far left) from Brooklyn Botanic Garden/ Prospect Heights Community Garden, planting with the volunteers Ben, Michelle, Drago, Sade and Diana.Right Photo: Hailejaa building the tree bench in front of GlassShop/ Pete Zaaz while Drago, Michelle and Kenneth are working on the flowers planting.(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

Not only we plant flowers in designated tree pits, we also mulch all the tree pits along Washington Avenue.(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

We choose different plants for each tree pit based on its site condition. so that the species can benefit each others.(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

Murina, Marissa (Heart of Brooklyn) and JeanieRose proudly present their finished treepit!(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

Bob from Prospect Heights Street Trees Task Force working with Marissa and Ben to mulch all the tree pits up and down Washington Avenue! GREAT JOBS! The trees will be very happy in the summer!(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

Keep up the great work Denise, John and Ben!(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

Before and after!(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

Finished tree pit in front of Pliates with Balls and Heart of Brooklyn.(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

(left photo) Talk about moving a mulch mountain! (right photo) Finished tree pits in front of 655 Washington Ave.(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

Thanks to (from left) Ben, Sade, Bob, Diana, Michelle, Virginia and Drago, this tree is going to grow very healthy and strong!(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)


Meeting between the WAPHA Street Beautification Committee and Prospect Heights Street Trees Task Force before the volunteers arrive.(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

(from left) Young (The Winey Neighbor), Marissa (Heart of Brooklyn), Gemma (Sit n’ Wonder) and Rebeca (Heart of Brooklyn) sort out the plants in group for each designated tree pit.(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)

John (Bitters and Ester) and Kenneth (The Winey Neighbor) picking up the potting soil from Natty Garden and distribute them to designated tree pits.(photo credit: Tim)

Early morning wrestling exercise with the soil really improves your core!(photo credit: John LaPolla, Kenneth Hung)

Bob, the founder of Prospect Heights Street Trees Task Force brought in lots of tools and volunteers and also beautiful handmade “No Dog Poop” signs for each tree pits!(photo credit: Rebeca Ramirez)

The mulch mountain brought in by Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force and the beautiful plants donated by our community garden Prospect Heights Community FarmBrooklyn Botanic Garden.(photo credit: Kenneth Hung)



WE NEED YOUR HELP TO BEAUTIFY WASH AVE!WAPHA’s Street Beautification Committee is bringing tree guards, herbs and flowers to Washington Ave and we need volunteers like YOU!There will be two separate dates to achieve our goal- one day for building tree guards, and another one for planting flowers and herbs in the tree pits.

  • Saturday, June 2nd 2012, Noon- Tree Guard Installation (meet at Bitter & Esters, 700 Washington Ave)!
  • Saturday, June 9th 2012, Noon- Planting Day (meet at corner of Park, Grand & Washington)

This project is supported by:

  • CB8 Environment/Sanitation Committee
  • Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Prospect Heights Community Garden
  • P.S. 9
  • Big Apple Edible’s

The tree guards were funded by business owners who wanted them in front of their shops and a grant from MillionTreesNYC. Altogether 11 guards will be installed, 5 are Tree Benches and the rests are Simple Tree Guards with posts connected by ropes.

Benefits of Tree Guard Installation:

  • Discourage dogs from defecating in tree pits.
  • Assist air and water penetration to the root zone by reducing paving block installation.
  • Protect trees from mechanical damage caused by car doors, bumpers, and other sources of street and sidewalk traffic.
  • Prevent bikes from being chained to trees.
  • Encourage flower planting by property owners, who in turn cultivate the soil and water trees.
  • Reduce soil compaction by providing a barrier to foot traffic over the root zone.

Proposal to the merchants:



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