Prospect Heights’ street trees need your help more than ever this Summer.  Can our community count on you to do your part?  If there is a street tree in front of or near your business please render it assistance.  This is what you can do:

1.  Remove any trash from around the tree bed;

2.  Remove any weeds that are robbing the tree of precious nutrients and moisture;

3.  Water the tree on a regular basis. New trees need 15-20 gallons of water per week                                     during the summer. Mature trees need 8-10 gallons of water per week.  Any amount is better than none.

If you need a watering can, a tree watering bag, a cultivator to loosen soil, a weed extractor please e-mail us at and we’ll bring it to you.   We love our neighborhood and we support its businesses, but we also want to take pride in its appearance.  If you have already adopted a tree please accept our community’s thanks.


  • Frequent Watering is Imperative   
  • New trees need 15-20 gallons of water per week during the summer. Mature trees need 8-10 gallons of water per week.  Trees love water and need water!
  • It is important to water slowly. Set a hose on trickle for an hour or prick a clean garbage can on the bottom with a few holes, then set it in the tree bed and fill it with water. Gator bags work even better.
  • Apply mulch to the tree bed to conserve moisture, but keep it away from the trunk because it could cause bark rot.
  • Keep the Tree Bed Clean
  • Remove trash and animal waste. Do not place garbage bags in the tree beds.
  • Post a small sign asking people to curb their dogs. Urine is acidic and harmful to trees.
  • Improve the Soil
  • Use a cultivator (three-pronged clawed tool) to loosen topsoil. Be very gentle!  Loosen top 1-2” deep only. Street tree roots can be very shallow.
  • Mix in a ½ inch of compost if available.
  • Add 2-3” of mulch. Mulch smothers weeds, retains moisture and makes good compost.
        • Support Prospect Heights’s Tree Care Events
  • Get tree care tips from Trees New York:
    • Install a protective metal tree guard:
    • Invite the Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force to partner with your block or merchant association to care for your street trees:
    • Request a free tree:

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